Wehave secured the first process of registering as a non-profit organiztion in the Bahamas so that we can accept national and international donations. If you wish to make a donation visit out Donation page.

Other ways you can help include volunteering to assist with spay and neuter efforts in your community, as well as our regular twice monthly clinic in Gregory Town. We will be holding field clinics in some settlements during the winter months and will also need as many helping hands with that as possible…!

Also, please keep an eye on the animals in your neighbourhood and report any abuse or neglect to the police and contact us to let us know the whereabouts of any animals in need of help.

Donations of old beach and bath towels, blankets and newspapers are always appreciated.

Also donations of any pet supplies such as flea and tick medicine, (especially Nexgard) collars and leashes, treats, chew toys, shampoo, brushes, nail clippers, beds, or anything related to pet care would be gladly and gratefully received.